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Model: VRT27SA


VEERAAT make Compact Multi-purpose Motorized Table Top Batch Coder for Semi-automatic registered Printing of B.NO. MFG.Date, EXP.Date, MAX RETAIL PRICE etc. On any intermittent Form Fill Seal Machine (FFS), Oil /Milk /Ghee pouch packing, bottles, boxes, cartons, Containers, cans, labels, pouches, tins etc.


Coder Model VRT 27 SA VRT 27 SA 100
Supply Voltage 230 Vac + 10%. 230 Vac + 10 % .
Printing Area 4 to 6 lines (35X35mm) 7 to 9 lines(50 X100mm)
Printing speed Max. 70 imprints/min. Max.60 imprints / min.
Prints using Easily changeable grooved / flat, rubber / nylon stereos
Inking Medium Special rechargeable ink cartridge / inkpot.
Printing Medium Quick drying ink (Black, Violet, Red, Green, White*, etc)
Impressions 15,000 per 20 ml. charge 10, 000 per 60 ml.charge
Weight 7 Kgs, 3 Kgs (Only head) 11 Kgs, 6 Kgs(Only head)
Size L250 x B250 x H450 mm


  • DC stepper motor based very compact design. Can be used as a replacement For Electro-Pneumatic contact coders (all functions are same).
  • Does not require air compressor for operation.
  • Very compact and lightweight portable table top model.
  • Low cost machine with very low operating and inventory costs. Uses standard Grooved or flat stereos and fast drying coding ink.
  • Can be very easily installed on existing packaging machinery.
  • In built timer for automatic timer operations or can be connected to a proximity Or foot switch for controlled operation.
  • Imported stepper motor and accessories provide reliability, long life and Speed up to 70 impressions per minute.
  • Specially designed table-top stand automatic /semi automatic operation to Print on tins, boxes, labels, pouches, bag, bottles, etc.
  • Specially designed arrangement for quick and easy mounting on Milk / Ghee / Vanaspati Oil /Tea /Coffee / Detergent pouch filling Machines (Intermittent motion).


  • For the on- line system, the print head is mounted on the machine and Coding is done whenever the present machine stops for sealing. It is Mechanically synchronized with machine to give registered coding at Exact location.
  • Can be mounted on a stop-start conveyor for on-line automatic coding.
  • The product from conveyor comes to a halt on a plate where it is sensed And Coding is done automatically and then the product is pushed Forward.
  • For the table top system, the coder is mounted on a stand and the item to Be printed is placed manually. Either a foot switch or a timer activates the Coder semi-automatically.

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