AISHWARYA GRAPHICS is a leading provider of prepress & press equipment & has been for over 15 years. We offer a prepress solution like CTF, CTP & technical support. we can also provide spare parts & warranties for all equipment that we sell. We handle sales & service of CTP SCREEN PTR 4XXX & SCREEN 8XXX & FUJI LUXEL B1,B2 Platesetter (Like 9600, V6, 6000, V8) & CTF Imagesetter like AGFA, AVANTRA 44, 30, 25 & software. We offer onsite installation, training & technical support by telephone.


  • AISHWARYA GRAPHICS offer expert service advice & support
  • Specializing in CTP & CTF Equipment like SCREEN, FUJI (PLATESETTER) & AGFA IMAGESETTER
  • The price depends on the service required
  • Prepress equipments needs to be checked regularly
  • Preventive Maintenance should be required at least 4-times a year
  • During the preventive maintenance engineer will check your equipment for early signs to problems that will adjust the factory parameter, lubricate moving parts
  • We have service contract
  • Service contracts are designed to keep your equipment running at its highest possible efficiency
  • Reduce risk of failure

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